PageScope Account Manager

PageScope Account Manager for the central collection of detailed counter readings and the ensuing cost calculation.

As one of the modules of the PageScope Enterprise Suite, the Account Manager offers comprehensive print output and cost control.

It enables print-intensive environments to self-assess their print costs, establish print budgets, and increase print cost transparency to limit unnecessary printing. Besides print management, the Account Manager provides central tracking and monitoring of all copying, scanning and faxing activities.

PageScope Account Manager workflow

PageScope Account Manager

PageScope Account Manager

Cost assignment & chargeback

  • Automatic tracking
  • Flexible cost allocation
  • Synchronisation with Active Directory
  • Accurate print cost calculation
  • Print Log Tool

Budget & quota management

  • Flexible quota assignment
  • Periodical quota reset
  • Automatic notification

Detailed output reporting

  • Wizard-based output reporting
  • Report creation
  • Easy cross-referencing
  • Export of report results
  • Scheduling function

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